positive vibes


surprisingly new, always different, blissfully fresh and never boring

come back to my pad is the typical english saying when the party night comes to and end and it’s time to go home. the term pad is also related to our home textiles, as we refer to certain cushions as seat pads, and stuffed cushions are “pad”ded. when grounding pad we wanted to create a feel-good brand, which is full of courage and surprises, that fills your daily life with positive energy. this is why we create our collections with a strong passion for wonderful colours, modern designs, great fabrics and a laidback lifestyle. you can find the whole world of pad designs on our cushions, blankets and home accessories – come and get them!


We focus on quality, not quantity and fair working conditions

most of our products are certified with the standard of oeko-tex® 100. we are producing in small workshops mostly located in europe, far away from asia´s mass production. often, the textiles are coloured and weaved for pad over weeks, so that sometimes, when products are sold out, there are no further supplies. this can make our trade partners unhappy, but that is also one of the characteristics, which make the difference between pad and their competitors.


expect the unexpected

about two decades ago our founder michael rossmann was a free consultant. for one of his customers he passionately created and produced a vast collection of home accessories. unfortunately, the customer ran out of money, so with one foot in germany and one foot in australia (to where he was just about to move), michael founded pad spontaneously and launched the collection himself. today pad is located in mertingen, bavaria. from there, cushions, blankets and home accessories are shipped to more than 30 european countries as well as to australia and to the usa.


10 years of PAD = 10 year of success – and the desire to do good

in the beginning of 2016 we started a special beneficial program in order to help children in germany which are threatened by poverty. we created sharity (charity to share) – the products that help and give it to our trade partners at cost price. our partners relinquish a part of their profit and offer for example a blanket for only 49,99 euros. ten euros of each sold blanket are given to the organisation “mittagskinder” in hamburg. there, more than 200 children regularly get healthy meals, help with their homework and professional care by qualified social education workers for free. the famous professional dancer and dancing trainer isabel edvardsson is also supporting this project. after only twelve months, we have already been able to give almost 20,000.00 euros to the organisation.

love it. feel it. share it *

we love today and admire tomorrow – therefore our collections are produced in a sustainable manner.


It has taken us almost ten years, to find the best employees for PAD. What matters is the spirit of our collections, so that everything matches together, the finesse of textile weaving techniques, the backgrounds of all the patterns and materials – all these things can only be transferred by people who share a distinctive textile passion. More than 30 of them are now part of team PAD. They work with lots of love and inspiration to create two great collections and one special Christmas edition every year.

mick rossmann

dr. jens hourle
company commander

nadin sickinger
godmother of sales

alexander walthes
prince of sales & customer service for german’s middle east

kerstin brömmling
queen of sales & customer service north germany

eric nehren
prince of sales & customer service for south germany & austria

claudia welschoff
princess of sales & customer service middle/west & north Germany

anastasia karypidou
princess of sales & customer service of south germany

lisa kuhlmann
princess of sales & customer service france

julia hofmann
duchess of visual merchandising

valerie arslan
princess of pr & project structure

inge ziereis
head of the chief dude

monika kopton
first lady of customer service

christina riegg
princess of foreign customer service

natalena root
lady of sums

jessica transchel
lady of numbers

anna süßner-deininger
lady of numbers

verena wiest
princess of customer service

varvara chionidou
duchess of data

ruta murauskaite
princess of purchase

Kathrin Struthmann
Quantity Security

janine ehrt
princess of design

sarah maria press
hashtag honey

klaudia chachalakova
princess of purchase

jannik nogiev
princess of the paper mountain

maria römer
queen of the stitching unit

gerlinde striebel
princess of the stiching unit

anja stoll
duchesse of miracle linguistic

Marcel Weichelt
lord logistic coordination

Kevin Koppmaier
lord of the parcel round

Stephan Prieler
lord of the parcel round

jürgen sattler
lord of the parcel round

barbara schreitmüller
baroness of logistic coordination

Andreas Wender
prince of the parcel round

Mona Schmid
warehouse wonderwoman

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